Panel shop

At NKD Technologies, our panel artisans hand craft each control panel to be a functional work of electronic art. Our experience designing and manufacturing panels ranges from small solar powered panels to very large panels used in large facilities. As a company specializing in controls, our engineers identify and fix problems early to ensure your panel arrives on site and just works correctly. We have the capability and expertise to fill whatever needs the client may have – including but not limited to:
Panel Design – Tell us what you need the panel to do, and we will take care of the rest.
Construction – Your panel is hand crafted to the NKD’s high standards. Precision and quality is just the way we work.
Installation – Need your panel installed and wired – no problem. Our technicians can come to your site and quickly, thoroughly and professionally install your panel.
Commissioning – Our field technicians will ensure your system is fully functional and operating as intended. Our customer training program will ensure your team understands the operation of the panel and can quickly identify and resolve many service issues.
Functional Audit Testing (FAT Testing) – In addition to NKD’s rigorous quality control process, we are happy to accommodate 3rd party functional audit testing.
UL 508A Listed Panels – Every NKD crafted control panel receives UL 508A listing. This industry standard demonstrates that your control panel meets these strict quality and safety standards.
PLC and HMI Programming – We can program your panel to meet your needs or we can have the panel ready for a 3rd party programmer.
Quality – Every NKD control panel goes through several quality checks throughout the panel build process, with a full power-up functional test, to ensure your control panel just works as intended when it arrives. Each panel then receives a meticulous final inspection, a complete set of panel drawings, and is carefully packaged before being shipped to you.

Why UL 508A
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent testing company that provides product safety standards and third-party product safety certification. A UL508A Panel is an electrical control panel with a UL508A Label. This certifies it meets the UL508 safety standard and was produced by panel shop with UL 508A certification. This standard ensures that your control panel meets the industry standards for quality and safety.